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While using a web browser, there can be multiple issues that might hinder your internet browsing experience. Here are few of the issues that our experts deal in:


Slow Loading refers to a situation of idleness. Usually this happens when your browser is using too many CPU resources.


Unresponsive Browser This is a situation of virtual memory over-loaded where the browser is hanged and you find an error message of “KILL PAGES” OR “WAIT”. It almost kills the computer and no command is taken.


Incomplete view of websites Usually this error occurs when you have some important plug-ins or add-ons missing. This may also happen if flash player is crashed.


Crashing Web pages means after working on web browser for some time it automatically closes down, resulting in you losing all your important searches. This may also mean that security gateway of your computer is vulnerable and there is a presence of malicious threat in your system.


Browser Upgrades It is preferred to use the most updated version of a web browser and clearing the cache cookies regularly.

If your web browser is not working properly or giving you a hard time working with it, feel free to contact our experts and we will take care of your worries. We are just a call away and are available 24*7 to assist you.