We provide

an gilt-edged tech support for all the Laptops and Desktop brands.

Laptops & Desktops are used very commonly these days and there can be so many hardware or software issue that you may face while working on them. Few of the major issues that we cover under our support are:

    • Optimization
  • This includes working with CPU resource usage, increasing the through-put time, optimizing the system for high speed etc.
    • Setting up firewall
  • This is done to ensure that your laptop & desktop is secured against any internet or malicious threat and your data and files are secured.
    • Issues while system rebooting
  • When your laptop & desktop is not even starting up even after pressing the start button for a very long time or screen appears blank after the system has turned on.
    • Auto shut down
  • Refers to a situation where your laptop or desktop shuts down automatically.
    • Data/ Password Recovery
  • This includes recovering the lost data and files which are deleted by mistake or lost due to hardware breakdown.
    • Disk Defragmentation
  • Well Stacked files leads to smart memory allocation!