Welcome to our terms & conditions page. We state here all the terms & conditions which we expect our customers/clients to agree to before using our services or while landing to our website. We take this to our consideration that any visitor be it client, customer or user, who visits our website then they directly or indirectly agree to our terms & conditions. We also declare this affirmation from visitors that they have gone through all our terms & conditions and are in full agreement to them & that they have acknowledged to all the terms & conditions stated here with no deviation allowed.

Legal Stand

Any deviation from terms & conditions policy is not permissible and by law every adult above the age of 18 using our website-our terms & conditions are applicable to them.

Service Agreement Modifications

Service agreement signed between us and client/customer are not subject to any changes made by client/customer, however, right to change terms in service agreement resides with us being admin at any point of time as needed. Customer/client will not have any dispute or say in the changes made by us. All the changes will be posted on our website for reference.

Acceptance of Terms

We mention here that this website is solely owned by us and we do not share any part of our business with any vendor. All the images, logos, graphics and web content used here are a part of our website and there use anywhere else for commercial purpose it not allowed.

Content on our website can be used by our clients/customers for general purpose only not for commercial usage. We are authentic owner of this website so viewers can view our website from any corner of the world on internet.

Our Services

Our paid services or tech support will be provided or come in effect after the payment of agreed plan opted by clients/customers. All our services are offered under our terms & conditions. These services include website development, web marketing & designing and mobile app development. Responsibility of renewing these services if the plan duration expires lies completely with client/customer. Any notice for service renewal is not sent by us.


We update our terms & conditions on a regular basis as per business requirement. We request our customers/clients/visitors to view our terms & conditions page regular basis and keep an eye on the changes made. We make sure that all the changes are updated on website with immediate effect.

For any other queries with terms & conditions, please feel free to contact our help desk and we will take you through our terms & conditions map.