We furnish

blue-chip solutions for Virus and Malware removal from your computer.

Instead of keeping a record in diary, trend has changed over a period of time and computer notepads and sticky notes have replaced it. However, the fear of losing the data saved on computer is equivalent to that saved on paper. Spilled water on paper is same as a virus attack on your computer which results in corrupting all the data saved on the disk. It is very important to ensure that there should not be any security hole in your computer system or you should keep your antivirus updated so as to protect your data from virus attack. Few of our support services that we offer are:

Installing an anti-virus

Schedule regular scanning

Schedule timely update as per the availability of latest version

Cleaning windows registry for USB port security

Removal of existing malicious threat in the system

Parental control (if supported by a certain antivirus program)

Speed issues after installing antivirus

Software conflict between antivirus and other running application


If you are facing any kind of issues working with your antivirus software, feel free to contact us. Our experts are available 24*7 for your assistance and help your further.